Our Approach

We understand your personal requirements and make them our priority.

We are aviation specialists with a proven track record as an Operator, and we manage one the largest fleets of widebody aircraft, offering a turnkey management.
Our management team has significant experience in strategy, planning, management, marketing, sales and finance. We support you across your entire business.
Our advice is pragmatic, realistic and honest.
We strive to improve your business in a meaningful, impactful and practical manner, based on real-life experience.

Transparency is our promise.

Hyperion (Ὑπερίων, “the high one”) was one of the 12 Titans of Ancient Greece.
He was ascribed the characteristics of the “God of Watchfulness, Wisdom and Light."

Hyperion Aviation stands for :

• Focus on a small widebody fleet guaranteeing the highest standards of expertise
• Ultimate transparency towards the customer, supported by personal key accounts and the most modern IT processes through worldwide sales network and global operating experience.
• Operational flexibility
• Safety
• Service excellence
• Solution based decision making
• 24/7 Support
• Customer centric

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